Tool Time: YouCanBook.Me

productivity tools Jan 20, 2021
Recommended Tools YouCanBook.Me for Productivity Laura W. Miner

We all start each day with 24 hours, but how we spend those hours is a different story. One of the biggest challenges in being productive is protecting our time and preventing other people from impeding on it. As an old mentor used to tell me “Success comes from having a rigid schedule but a flexible mind” - but how can you have a rigid schedule without alienating others? I’m glad you asked!

One of my favorite tools is, a scheduling software that gives you ultimate control over when and how people can book meetings with you. The interface is easy to use and integrates with both Google and Apple calendars, but the features are what make this a supremely productive solution.

Some of my favorite features include:

• Pre-determined meeting length windows, so you can keep your meeting times as short and sweet as you want.

• Minimum/maximum advance notice, so no one can sneak a last-minute meeting in on you.

• SMS/Text reminders, so your time isn’t wasted by other people forgetting about the meeting.

• A custom URL with a personalized booking calendar, so you can showcase your branding and style.

• Easy-to-use cancellation and rescheduling system, so people don’t have to disrupt you in order to rebook. 

• Even includes a payment system so you can collect credit card details in advance of a meeting! (Great for therapists, lawyers, consultants, coaches, and more) 

And that’s just a few of the FREE features. Opt for the reasonably-priced paid plan and you have even more control over this remarkable tool. It can pro-actively schedule follow-up appointments, send customized email reminders, redirect clients to a specific website after scheduling, and more. Check out today to explore if it's right for you.

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